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Pride Walk 2013

Rainbow descended on the streets of Kolkata on Sunday as members of the LGBT community, along with those supporting the movement, participated in the Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk 2013.

Kolkata, which hosted South Asia’s first pride walk in 1999, has emerged as a hub for queer activism over the years, embracing people who challenge normative structures of gender and sexuality, particularly transgender, kothi, hijra, lesbian, gay and bisexual people. The Pride Walks too have grown in strength from the handful of people in 1999 to more than a thousand last year.

The theme of this year's walk was violence against women. The participants questioned sexual norms through placards with slogans like "What is normal?" This time round, a few HIV-positive patients have also come forward to join the movement,

The walk, which started from Hazra and concluded at the Academy of Fine Arts saw around 1,500 people walking.

The march forwarded with the message that love should be equal for everyone.

The walkers in vibrant clothes accentuated with rainbow-hued scarves,, bow-ties, bonnets, waistbands, badges and flags, stunned onlookers as they threaded their way through the city. 

All kinds of moods were visible. Some angry protests were always there but mainly people danced, had fun and there was a feel of love and liberation amongst the walk.

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