Bio - arkadutta

I am an amateur photographer and a Mechanical Engineer by profession, living in Kolkata. Two of my great passions in life is travel and photography. Travel broadens one's view of the world and Photography is my continuous lesson of living in the moment. I love to experience other cultures, meet different people from diverse communities. Through my photography I seek to document my own personal experience, and to capture the scenes and events as I see them and share them.

Living in the moment and capturing it, is my way of sharing with the world how I see things; whether it be humorous, serious, playful, profound or just plain creative. Photography helps me to express my personality and how I view this world we all live in without having to say a word.Encountering the natural world both with my eyes and through the lens is an excellent reminder that I share this earth, this environment with all other living beings and also share responsibility for it well being.


Small Accolades:

Two Black and White Spider Awards : In People and Photojournalism category 2015

Finalist in HIPA Contest in Life in Colour category, 2015

Photo Series: A Day of Mass, Rush and Prayer published in Dodho Magazine 

Photo Series: A Day of Mass, Rush and Prayer published in

Photo Series: Gajan and Charak Festivals of Bengal published in

Photograph exhibited in Ali Center, USA in a photography exhibition on the theme: Gender Equality, 2015

Photographs exhibited in Zindagi ki Tasveer exhibition CSFK at Gallery Gold, Kolkata 2014

Photograph exhibited in India-Bangladesh Joint Photography exhibition, Kolkata 2014

Awarded 4th at Eyes 2014 Photography Competition held by Kalighat NBS Club

Photographs Exhibited at Milan Utsav Photography Exhibition, Kolkata 2014

Photographs exihibited in Aart Hub's exhibition at Gallery Gold, Kolkata 2014

Photographs featured on Pentaprism, 2014

Photographs featured in's monthly best section, 2014

Photograph featured on Photogiri, 2014

Photograph featured on PhLearn, 2014

Photograph featured in Statesman newspaper in Art for Media's Sake article, 2014

Highly Recommended - Kaleidoscope National Photo Contest. Theme: People with Landscape, 2013

2nd Award in SignedPRINTS Contest by Threedots, Theme: Visible Faith, 2013

In Top Ten/Recommended - UNCCD Photo Contest. Project: Dessertification, 2013

Two photographs In Top Ten/Recommended - ASSIST's Photo Contest: Ten Photos to Shake the World. Project: Sustainable Growth, 2013

Photograph Exhibited in Khayyam Photographic Exhibition, Iran at Artist House in Teheran, 2013

Photograph Published in Ignire Magazine, 2013

Exhibited Photographs in Bangla's Public Place Exhibition at Forum Mall, Elgin Road and Gallery Exhibition at Srimati Art Gallery, 2013

Photographs published/featured on Photoburst 2013

Photograph printed/published in National Geographic Magazine Your Shot Section, 2012

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